The below list of PMP® certification online courses will help you obtain the required 35 contact hours by the Project Management Institute which qualifies you for the PMP® education requirement.

Remember, as with all courses, you should choose your PMP® certification online training based on a list of criteria so you can get the best bang for you buck. Why spend a couple hundred dollars for weak and generic course material? Below we’ve provided a list of criteria that you can use when searching for a good course:

  • 35 Contact Hour Certificate – An absolute must have for any course. The 35 contact hours is one of the requirements to sit for the PMP exam. All the courses listed below will provide you with the required 35 contact hours.
  • Total Cost – This shouldn’t be your deciding factor but because the courses listed below range from as low as $39 to over $300. The quality of the PMP® training course is the most important factor which will help you pass the PMP® exam. Remember, the retake cost of the PMP® exam is currently $275 so don’t save a few bucks on the training material.
  • Refund Policy – If you’re not satisfied and the course doesn’t offer a refund, you’re out the cost of the course. If the course or material offers a refund, that a sign they provide high quality content and material while standing firmly behind their product.
  • Quality – Always make sure to use a quality PMP® training course that was created by PMI® Registered Education Providers.
  • Access Duration – Some courses offer life time access while others offer a little as 30 days. Take a hard look at your work/life schedule, current preparation time, and existing knowledge base before deciding on a shorter term course.
  • Course Format – This is important depending on how you learn. Some people learn well but simply reading and absorbing the material while others need interactive training that actively engages when training. Also, downloadable content is great because you can use it on your tablet or cell phone.
  • Study Aids – What supplementary material do they provide? Practice questions, handbooks, podcasts, and/or free webinars that can provide additional material and learning.
  • Practice Exams – Practice exams are crucial to your preparation for the PMP® exam. The practice exams will help you succeed when you take the real PMP® exam and help you identify gaps in your knowledge.

Recommended PMP® Training

PM Prep Cast

  • The #1 rated PMP® study materials
  • Over 140 video and audio lessons. Each lesson averages 26 minutes.
  • 300 practice questions with 9 practice examples
  • Price: $179.99

Classroom Training

  • Price depends on course and location
  • Build relationships with other PMP® students
  • Skilled instructor who can answer tough questions quickly


  • 29 hours of content with 5 PMP® simulation exams
  • 86 PDUs offered, 83 chapter-end quizes, 6 industry based case studies
  • $199 (30 days access) & $299 (180 days access)

$300 and up PMP® Training

4C Change Partners PMP® Prep

  • 10 2 hour online sessions
  • 1 hour of mentoring
  • Pre-test and practice exams
  • Price: $398

cPrime PMP® Certification Online Bootcamp

  • 65 online interactive lessons with study aids
  • 1 practice exam
  • 90 days of access
  • Price: $399

PM Training PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course

  • 65 online interactive lessions
  • Study materials and quizzes
  • 90 days of access
  • Price: $349

$100 - $300 PMP® Training

CrossWind PMP® Exam Success Series

  • Bootcamp Manual with over 80 pages of new content
  • Online exam simulation with over 3000 questions
  • Flash cards, mindmaps, and acronym quick reference
  • Price: $295

PM Study Online Course

  • 12 video lessons and 12 study materials
  • 4 practice exams
  • Price: Starts at $89.95

PM Campus PMP® Exam Courses

  • Audio webcast including 600 practice questions
  • ‘Ask an Expert’ opportunities and a pass guarantee
  • Price: $149

Whizlabs PMP® Self Study

  • 487 minutes of video training
  • 4 full length mock exams (995 unique questions)
  • Reports to assess strengths & weaknessess
  • Price: starts at $124.95

Less than $100 PMP® Training

WizIQ PMP® Certification Training

  • 36 hours of interactive classes
  • Unlimited review of recorded classes
  • 1 practice exam
  • Price: $89

Proxalt 35 Hours PM Education

  • Flash based lessons
  • 50 practice questions
  • 30 days access
  • Price: $35

Remember, do not look at price alone! Your success in passing the PMP® exam is 100% dependant on your PMP® training! Review our list of training materials and choose the best option that fits your respective needs!